Guidance * Performance * Satisfaction

At Learning Pursuits, Dr. Heidi Scott unleashes energy, creativity, intellect, and passion in helping you define and get where you want to go. Whether in your business or personal life, or as an individual, team, or organization, she is your trusted resource for helping you define and reach success.

* Want to improve team member loyalty, productivity, and morale?
* Want consistent contributions at work from each team member?
* Want to decrease turnover and attract talent?
* Need to improve team and organization performance?
* Do you desire to lead more effectively?

   Dr. Heidi Scott consults with individuals who desire to personally and professionally grow themselves or their team members through interactive, transformational learning experiences.

   Effective leaders and organizations invest in their people. Whether through individual or group coaching, dynamic speaking, or customized learning experiences, Dr. Scott brings a strong ROI to your professional and team development.

Dr. Scott’s Message to a College Coach