Transformational, Innovative Speaking

Dr. Heidi Scott is a personal and leadership development specialist, dynamic speaker, and business/personal coach with a passion for living life balanced and on purpose, and for improving team performance. Heidi speaks from an authentic, transparent place and willingly shares depth of content at a heartfelt level. Her creative presentations and natural sense of humor make it easy for people of all walks of life to relate to her.

She delivers dynamic speaking to large and small groups. Her vast experience in designing, developing, and delivering heart-impacting, innovative, and transformational learning experiences equip her to meet your audience’s needs in ways that last.

Topics vary, and every speaking engagement is customized to meet your organization’s needs. From special events, workshops, or retreats, Dr. Heidi Scott delivers timely, relevant, and ethically solid content designed to move people to action to grow and improve performance.

An area of Dr. Scott’s specialty is addressing the needs men and women face today related to living lives of passion on purpose while juggling all they do. She brings strategies and understanding to the art of balancing the many things people deal with in the professional and every day realms.

Dr. Scott’s workshops and presentations to college athletic coaches addresses needs coaches have when it comes to crafting and casting team vision, and understanding how their players are behaviorally wired and motivated by their convictions. These elements equip coaches to strategically recruit and retain the key players they need, while cultivating the team culture they desire. Presentation content also helps coaches assist their players to align their behaviors to the team vision and desired culture. And all of this equates to improving team performance – both in and out of competition.

Presentation Topics:

  • Unlocking the Combination to WIN: Team Vision Storyline
  • Leadership to Attract, Develop and Retain Top Talent
  • Improving Team Performance with Work-Life Balance
  • Designing and Building the Work and Team Culture You Want
  • Defining Moments of Courage, Hope and Determination

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