Helping leaders, teams, and organizations discern gaps that exist between where they currently are and where they desire to be is a value that Dr. Heidi Scott brings in her consulting work. Oftentimes people sense a need in their organization, company, or team but lack clarity in articulating what it is. Gaining this awareness is where her work with a leader or team begins, as they collaborate together and build upon what is and has been working. She works with clients both face-to-face and virtually to unleash intellect, creativity, energy and passion in:

  • Equipping Leaders to Identify Gaps from Current Reality and Desired End Results
  • Helping Leaders and Organizations Clarify Desired Outcomes and Objectives
  • Managing Change While Developing Culture
  • Discovering How You and Your Team Members Are Wired and Motivated
  • Transforming Behaviors of Members to Align to the Organization Vision and Values
  • Improving Organization Leadership, Cohesive Teamwork and Performance

Consulting work with Dr. Scott provides objective, external feedback, guidance, and collaborative strategy design to help your organization’s team effectively live its purpose. Call to discover how Dr. Scott’s Team Performance Lab can give you the competitive edge and increase your team’s performance!


* Coaching
* Speaking
* Assessments
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