Dr. Heidi Scott is a certified trainer in numerous assessments, and offers consultation and training to meet your individual, team, and organization needs with each assessment.

  • 5 Voices – Dr. Heidi Scott believes leaders, teams and organizations can be transformed when people discover their leadership voice and are empowered to use it effectively. Knowing your own leadership “Voice” and understanding others’ Voices equips leaders to effectively lead, build, and sustain a healthy culture. At home and work, learn how to increase alignment, energy, and teamwork. Discover how to decrease toxic drama and disagreements that divide. Depending upon your needs, one to five workshops on the 5 Voices may provide the secret sauce for you, your team and your organization.
  • WorkTraits – Discover the core values and behavioral profiles represented in your work teams. Examine the compatibility of team members, as well as specific conflict management strategies based upon who each team member is. The WorkTraits assessment brings help to individuals in understanding how they naturally respond to environments and people. Dr. Scott also uses forms of the WorkTraits assessment to improve team communication, effectiveness, and performance.
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Appraisal– This EQ assessment provides individuals awareness of how to maximize responses to situations within themselves and interactions with others. Coaching and training with Dr. Scott using this personalized EQ information allows people to raise their EQ as they learn to understand and manage themselves more effectively. Individuals also become equipped to increase their social awareness and manage relationships with increasing success. Dr. Scott works with individuals to make personal improvements in their EQ, with organization leaders thru an EQ 360’ assessment, and also with teams.
  • DISC – Understanding how we (and others) respond to problems, people, pace, and procedures results in an ability to improve our communication skills with others. Dr. Scott works with individuals to help them gain insights into understanding their behavior and emotions. She works with leaders and organization teams to learn how to gain commitment and cooperation of others, resolve conflict, and build relationships with others.


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