I try to hire Rock Stars. I try to develop Rock Stars.

No, I am not musically inclined at all. And no, I do not work in the music industry.

But I desire to work with a team of fabulous people who enjoy the work they do, bring the best of who they are to work, and actively seek to grow, improve, and contribute. Those are attributes of what I call the Rock Star engaged employee.

Do these people arrive at employment’s door as a Rock Star? Sometimes. But unless leaders know what they are searching for and are conscientious to develop their team members in the 3 A’s, odds are high that even the most ambitious and talented employees will wilt over time.

In order to develop employees into highly engaged, motivated, and progress-oriented team members (and sustain those who already possess those attributes), leaders need to own responsibility. How? Being mindful of the 3 A’s of Engaged Employees can serve as a roadmap for leaders. It’s really rather simple:

3 A’s of Engaged Employees

3 A’s of Engaged Employees

Aptitude – Do I notice hints that suggest what they may be good at? Am I socially aware and in tune with my team members as unique individuals? Am a “student” of my employees?

Ability – Do I develop my people? Am I taking the time to provide external learning opportunities, as well as investing time to train and coach my team members? Am I cultivating their talents, knowledge, and skill-sets?

Appetite – Do I stir their appetite to learn, develop, and excel at various skills? Am I offering stretch assignments and projects? Am I inviting my team members to select those projects they want to dive into?

Very few Rock Stars are simply born. Very few stellar employees just drop into companies or work teams.

As leaders, the more we own the responsibility to find and develop our employees into Rock Stars, the more success our teams will experience.

The next new hire you make – consider the 3 A’s of Engaged Employees.

The next time you go to work, consider your current team and the 3 A’s of Engaged Employees – and what YOU can do to develop each team member’s Aptitude, Ability, and Appetite. This is Servant Leadership in action…knowing, caring, appreciating, and developing your people to contribute to the team’s success in ways that only they can.

Leaders lead through serving their people. A leader’s roadmap to a successful team can begin today with acting on the 3 A’s of Engaged Employees.

Written by Dr. Heidi Scott, who currently serves as a Leadership and Communication Professor, Consultant and Coach, and Director of Training & Development